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Drivers admit deceit to cut costs

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The tough economic climate means more than one in four motorists are prepared to lie to car insurance providers to guarantee low premiums, a survey shows.

Research found as many as 28% said they would withhold information about their exact mileage to keep costs down.

The survey of 1,510 motorists also showed 22% would bend the truth about where they parked their car, while one in 10 would play down if their vehicle was used for work.

Other questions included whether hard-pressed drivers would cut back on some insurance "extras", with 57% motorists saying they would happily forego a courtesy car to keep premiums down, with 40% prepared to ditch breakdown cover and 36% legal expenses cover.

A spokesman for firm, which undertook the research, said: "On the one hand, it is understandable that motorists are economising by driving more efficiently, but it's worrying that so many are considering such a risky approach to saving money as withholding information from their insurer.

"With people feeling the effects of the recession, everyone is looking to save on their outgoings. The important thing to remember is that while it might be tempting to alter certain details or omit key information, this is treated as fraud by insurers and could result in your policy being invalidated."

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