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Flying car touches down in London

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A flying car has arrived back in the UK after a team of adventurers took it on a 4,000-mile journey to Timbuktu bringing a whole new meaning to the term fly-drive holiday.

It took the Skycar Expedition team 43 days to travel from London to the West African city in the unique sand buggy, but they managed to complete the trip without having to reach for their rather special car insurance.

Using a parachute and a giant fan-motor the buggy completed 10 flying missions during the six-week expedition in the safe hands of pilot Neil Laughton.

The former-SAS officer took to the skies over the Pyrenees and across the nine-mile Straits of Gibraltar, and later flew over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and above the Sahara desert.

Although they completed the mission Mr Laughton, who is no stranger to adventures having climbed the highest mountains of seven continents, said there were a few hair-raising moments such as dodging minefields in Western Sahara and 100ft-high sand dunes in Mauritania.

"Despite a few near misses - landing in the sea and another into a tree - the highlight for me was an extraordinary 15 minute flight from Europe to North Africa, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar."

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