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Drink fine for man living in car

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A council officer who was forced to live in his car could see his car insurance premiums soar after being charged with being over the limit when he turned on the engine to get warm, a court heard.

Martin Williams, 46, told Cambridge magistrates that he was living in his car, which was parked in a lay-by in Cambridgeshire, because of a row he had had with his partner.

The magistrates heard that on March 1 Mr Williams was accused by police of being in charge of a motor vehicle when over the drink drive limit because the engine was running even though the car was not moving.

Mr Williams, a development officer with South Cambridgeshire District Council, said he had been sober when he climbed in the car and had started drinking while sitting inside.

"I was actually living in the car," he said. "I had had a fall-out with my partner. I had turned on the car to get some heating."

He admitted the offence and magistrates fined him £225 and ordered him to pay £60 court costs.

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