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Over 60s drive most powerful cars

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Drivers in their 60s have the most powerful cars with an average engine size of 1,947cc, it has been revealed.

Car insurance company studied data from more than 1.5 million motorists, and also found drivers in their 50s own the most expensive cars, costing £7,506 on average.

People in their 30s have the newest vehicles, with the average age of a car being six years and five months.

The study also revealed the oldest cars are owned by people in their 60s, averaging seven years and six months.

Motorists under 20 have the cheapest cars, averaging £2,987, and also the smallest vehicles with an engine size around 1,315cc.

Brian Martin, managing director, said: "Our research shows just how the type of car we choose changes as we get older. It's rather unsurprising to see younger motorists driving cheaper, less powerful cars but to see the over 60s driving the most powerful cars is more of a surprise.

"Hopefully their driving experience means they're well-placed to handle cars with larger engines."

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