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Call to scrap road tax for bikes

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The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has urged the Government to get rid of road tax for bikes and scooters to help boost sales and make green transport targets more achievable.

If the Government makes the change it could encourage more people to switch from four wheels to two and also prompt a rise in the number of motorcyclists taking out bike insurance.

In February sales of bikes fell 25% compared with the previous year and the MCI has called for immediate action in order to safeguard 15,000 jobs in the country's motorcycle industry.

It said that while the Government has helped the car industry during the recession it has not supported companies such as UK-owned Triumph.

Sheila Rainger, spokeswoman for MCI, said: "The motorcycle market has held up well in the recession, but cannot struggle on alone. Since November we have seen small but steady monthly declines, with a much steeper drop last month.

"A VED and first registration holiday would cost relatively little and really help to encourage customers into dealerships.

"A tax break on new sales will also encourage people on to brand new 'Euro 3' motorcycles which have even lower emissions and are more fuel efficient engines than older models."

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