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The Birds put pensioner in a flap

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Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller The Birds has become a disturbing reality for an 89-year-old Gloucestershire pensioner.

And repeated attacks by kamikaze crows have given the term `bird strike` a whole new meaning when applied to a home insurance claim.

They are completely undeterred by netting that Ronald Milton has been forced to instal at his home in Stroud in a bid to stop them launching themselves at his windows.

He says the thudding sound they make as they hit the glass is disturbing after "they fly up to the window then fly back, crashing in to it. They seem to enjoy it."

Says Dr Colin Studholme of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust: "Sometimes, flying into windows happens because they think they can fly straight through a house if they can see some light on the other side."

He told the Gloucestershire Echo: "The other possible option is that they can see their reflection in the window and they will attack it, particularly at this time of year when crows are mating and very territorial."

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