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Hands-free car phone ban urged

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A ban on under 20s using hands-free mobiles while at the wheel could drive another nail into their chances of getting cheap car insurance.

Teenagers already face some of the highest premiums thanks to statistics linking them to high rates of accidents and driving offences.

And research has now found that talking on hand-held and hands-free mobiles makes reaction times 30% slower than drink-drivers and 50% worse than sober drivers.

Motor insurer yesinsurance has now called for the law be amended to ban hands-free phones for drivers aged under 20.

Says spokesman Paul Purdy: "Worldwide, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among 15-19 year olds. Extending the drink-driving laws to cover all mobile phone usage for younger drivers will help us to reduce this risk."

Although hands-free phones are not currently banned in the UK, action can be taken against drivers who have been using one if it may have contributed to an accident.

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