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Treasury urged to scrap fuel hike

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Treasury ministers are being urged by the AA to stop next month's 2p rise in fuel duty from going ahead.

The AA has requested the meeting following new figures which show that the price of petrol at the pumps has fallen slightly in the past four weeks.

As people battled to cut driving costs by shopping for cheaper car insurance and tackling maintenance at home the average UK petrol price fell from 90.88p to 90.56p between mid-February and mid-March. But overall in 2009 so far average prices have risen 3.41p.

In the past four weeks, three of the four main supermarkets have raised their average petrol prices while most non-supermarket retailers have lowered theirs.

Supermarkets remain broadly 1.4p a litre cheaper than the other retailers, although the price gap in many towns is extremely tight.

In also criticising car park price hikes across the country, AA president Edmund King said: "If the Government goes ahead with its fuel duty hike, it will join local authorities in conveniently forgetting that drivers also face the threat of severe financial hardship from the credit crunch."

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