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Drivers 'tightening their belts'

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Some 50% of car owners plan to keep their current vehicle for at least five years, and 27% intend to keep it for more than seven, a poll has said.

The survey of 1,440 adults found drivers aged between 18 and 24 are likely to change their cars before motorists of other ages, with people over 65 keeping their cars for the longest time. In this age group 43% said they would own their vehicle for at least seven years, compared with 24% of those aged 35-44.

The poll by Greenbee Car Insurance also showed that 7% intend to keep their car for 11 years. managing director James Furse said: "The research demonstrates that, when it comes to their cars, British drivers are keen to tighten their belts and hold on to their current motor for as long as possible in order to keep costs down."

Those in Wales and south west England plan on keeping their cars the longest, with 34% planning to hold on to their vehicle for more than seven years. In contrast, just 23% of Scots intend to keep their vehicle for that period.

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