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Car buyers cut costs and corners

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A survey has found that motorists are cutting corners when buying a car, which could backfire and lead to a hefty car insurance claim or invalidation of a policy.

According to the poll by, 28% are willing to buy from an unknown private seller and 10% were even prepared to buy a car without knowing anything of its service history as long as the price was right.

The results also show that 2% of the 1,642 drivers polled would even pay for a vehicle over the telephone without having seen it in an effort to save cash.

A further 60% of car buyers did not check that a car was safe and legal - and the majority were unsure about log books, mileage checks or vehicle identity numbers - in a bid to save money during the recession.

Katie Armitage from said: "There are around seven million used cars bought and sold every year at an average cost of £5,000.

"If your new car is found to be illegal you lose this money outright without hope of redress. Our research has found that because of the credit crunch more people are taking risks and so more are prone to being caught out."

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