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Disappearing bunny found in car

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A motorist got a shock when she took her Vauxhall Corsa to a garage to have its faulty heating looked at, only to find that the source of the problem was her neighbour's rabbit.

Luckily for the rabbit and Anita Smith there was no harm done and the bunny escaped free from harm, while Ms Smith avoided having to explain to her car insurance company the reason behind any damage.

Tallulah, a black-and-white rabbit owned by Kirk and Kerry Bannister, who were on holiday, vanished when she was being looked after by neighbours.

After searching high and low for the rabbit Sue Minns, who had been looking after the lucky bunny, had nearly given up hope, but it was only a few days later that another neighbour from the same street in Clifton, Nottingham, found Tallulah in the engine of her car.

A mechanic who investigated the car told Ms Smith to look away after spotting what he thought was a dead cat, but it turned out to be Tallulah who had hopped from her hutch into the car.

Ms Minns said: "The rabbit is absolutely fine, it's quite amazing really."

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