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60% get angry driving to work

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The majority of motorists experience anger as they drive to work, with people in London getting the most annoyed, a survey has shown.

Car insurance firm discovered 60% of people who drive to work sometimes get angry, while in the capital the number is 70%.

A total of 3,000 motorists were surveyed and on average they spend 47 minutes each day commuting. Londoners travel for the longest, 56 minutes, while drivers in south west England are on the road the least, 40 minutes.

Motorists in north east England are the happiest with just half of commuters get angry driving to work.

Fuel for getting to and from work costs an average £37.85 a month or more than £454 annually.

Out of the people questioned just 20% had to pay to park while at work, and for those who did it cost them an average of almost £20 a week or £1,039 each year, with Londoners paying an average £1,421 annually.

Most commuters, 72%, travel by themselves and 68% said they would work from home if they were allowed.

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