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More haggle over price of new car

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Haggling over the price of a new car - or "negotiating a better deal" - is becoming far more widespread as the recession deepens, according to a survey.

The report from Sainsbury`s Finance says that canny buyers can pay the full amount of their new car insurance with the money saved, which may be as much as £1,700 - twice the average 2001 amount.

However, not everyone can summon up the hard-nosed approach. While the number of hagglers has risen from 79% last August to 90% now, 10% can`t bring themselves to do it at all and a third are only half-hearted at best.

Says Steven Baillie, head of Sainsbury's Loans: "The car industry is facing a very difficult time, with sales of new cars well down so far this year.

"This means that now is one of the best times ever to negotiate a significant discount on the price of a new vehicle."

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