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Tuesday named riskiest day to ride

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Bike insurance specialists have revealed Tuesday is the most dangerous day of the week for riders and the infamous Ford Focus is a riders' worst enemy.

Almost a quarter of all bike accidents take place on a Tuesday, an annual report by Bennetts insurance revealed.

And, despite their being hundreds of different models of cars on the road, the Ford Focus accounts for 14% of all collisions between cars and bikes.

Among the other four-wheeled felons are the Ford Fiesta in second place and the Vauxhall Astra in third.

However, the much-maligned Volvos, which were voted as the most hated cars on the road in a recent poll of bikers, didn't even make it into the top ten.

The report revealed the weekend is the safest time to ride a bike. The findings have come as a surprise to researchers as a large number of pleasure bikers choose to take their bikes out at a weekend for "a blast".

The Bennetts report also named the most dangerous place in the country to go for a ride with London coming out on top as it accounts for 41% of all claims.

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