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Drivers warned of flat tyres risk

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With millions of motorists ready to take to the roads this Easter they are being urged to check their tyres before they set off on their getaway to avoid making any car insurance claims.

According to the Royal Automobile Club Foundation, more than 40 people die each year as a result of poorly inflated or defective tyres and many more are injured.

But the group says this number can be slashed if motorists carry out basic checks on the rubber.

RAC Foundation spokesman Philip Gomm said, "In the next few days many people will be heading for the coast or the country. But there might be an accident waiting to happen.

"Like most things, tyres deteriorate with age. Just because a tyre has sufficient tread, this does not make it safe."

He is calling on drivers to check tyres for any signs of cracking and ageing and if in doubt to ask an expert.

Not only can having safe tyres prevent accidents but they can have a huge impact on fuel efficiency, with under inflated tyres increasing fuel consumption by up to 10%.

By replacing tyres that are more than ten years old and ensuring tread is above the legal minimum depth of 1.6mm the RAC Foundation hopes to prevent drivers` holiday cheer going flat.

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