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Bikers at risk of potholes on roads

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Motorcyclists should watch out for potholes and ensure they have good bike insurance policies after a harsh winter left roads in unsafe conditions.

Safety organisation TyreSafe warned bikers to steer clear of potholes and bad road surfaces this spring.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: "The contact patch between a motorcycle tyre and the road is smaller than a car tyre's contact patch, meaning that optimal grip is critical.

"Bikers rely more on the condition of the roads than car drivers, as any uneven surfaces can be felt directly by the rider when steering and cornering.

A deflection caused by a pothole could easily result in the biker losing control of the bike and falling onto the road."

The 'freeze and thaw' effect during cold weather has made the deterioration of road surfaces much worse and led to dangerous potholes.

Road surfaces get broken up when rainwater, left in cracks in the tarmac, expands and creates potholes.

Accident claims due to pothole damage also rose by 300% in February this year, according to AA Insurance.

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