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Motorists 'scared' by road rage

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Road rage is becoming an increasing problem in Britain, with almost three in five motorists having been victims of the phenomenon in the past year.

According to a survey of more than 2,000 people for Sainsbury's car insurance, those most vulnerable to road rage are men aged between 18 and 24, with 69% having been victims.

Meanwhile, the age group least likely to experience a road rage incident - or to get aggressive themselves - are the over-65s.

The bad driving habit most likely to lead to road rage is tailgating, followed by poor judgment when pulling out of a junction, changing lanes without indicating and driving too slowly.

Road rage incidents occur most commonly in south-west England, while drivers in Wales were least likely to encounter behind-the-wheel aggression.

The poll also found that a further 6% of motorists have either been victims of carjacking, or know someone who has been carjacked.

Joanne Mallon, head of Sainsbury's car insurance, commented: "A worrying number of motorists have unfortunately suffered from road rage or carjacking and the result can be both mentally and physically scarring for the victims."

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