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Cheapest car in jobs bonus scheme

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The world's cheapest car is being snapped up by Indian companies in droves to use as part of staff bonus schemes.

Anyone buying the £1,300 Tata Nano should also get a good car insurance policy, especially when buying in bulk, like the firms considering the car in an incentive package.

Orders for a thousand Tata Nanos have been placed by Shree Cement, despite the car firm choosing its first customers via a lottery system.

The managing director at Shree Cement, H M Bangur said: "I decided to book the Nano not because it is a cheap car but due to its fuel efficiency. We want to burn minimum fuel.

"Of the total 1,000 cars booked, we hope to get about 200 cars between July 2009 and June 2010. The rest of the 800 cars will be allotted to us later. They will be given to the employees as part of the company's human resources strategy."

A Shree spokesman said: "We have already booked one thousand Nanos from dealers in Kolkatta for deserving employees across India."

Human resource company Ma Foi Management Consultants said: "Instead of rewarding top performers with incentives like foreign holiday tours, the Nano is emerging as an alternative reward option."

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