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Motorists angry at state of roads

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Up to 90% of drivers are unhappy with the condition of roads in their area, and the effect it has on their car insurance premiums.

The RAC poll found only 5% think that motoring taxes are appropriately used, while 21% said road pricing was a good way of dealing with congestion.

Meanwhile 77% said jams would ease if public transport was improved, according to the survey of nearly 2,700 RAC members.

Only 2% believe that roads in their area were adequately maintained, while 89% said they were frustrated at the state of local roads.

In contrast, 65% of 18 to 35-year-olds said they were happy with the standard of motorways and dual carriageways.

However, satisfaction levels dropped to just 33% for those aged over 65.

Dr Tim Leunig, from the London School of Economics, said: "When motorists are paying more than £1,000 a year in specific motoring taxes, they have the right to expect roads to be properly maintained.

"RAC members are in line with expert opinion in preferring that motoring taxes are spent on small local schemes rather than grandiose visions that all too often fail to deliver the promised benefits."

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