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`Mad Mullah` police chief to retire

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The `Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban` - aka North Wales chief constable Richard Brunstrom, 52 - may find that his own car insurance company is breathing a sigh of relief.

Live wire Mr Brunstrom - he once tasered himself to test the effect of 50,000 volts on the human body - probably fits the actuarial profile of a questionable risk.

The part-time druid authorised a road-safety campaign showing a headless biker, broke into his own headquarters "to test its security" and later called for heroin to be decriminalised.

But he has just announced his retirement, and says that he and his wife plan to "buy a boat and go sailing" in search of the quiet life when his contract expires in July.

A spokeswoman for North Wales Police said: "Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has announced his intention to retire from North Wales Police in July, concluding over nine years with the force and 30 years policing service."

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