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Scrappage scheme 'not good enough'

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A survey has found most motorists eligible for the car scrappage incentive will not take the offer because it is not enough money.

According to new evidence from Parker's car buying guide, 70% of respondents said the scheme was not generous enough and 81% would not take advantage, even though the new cars could have cheaper car insurance than older models.

The poll of 600 people found that British motorists have been disappointed by the Government's "bangers for cash" scheme, which offers motorists £2,000 to swap a car 10-years-old or older to buy a brand-new model.

But Kieren Puffet, editor of Parker's, said motorists have managed to find much larger discounts under existing deals without the scrappage offer.

Mr Puffet said: "There were a lot of people hoping that it would work for them but, when the details emerged, it was not as good a deal as they were expecting.

"For bigger cars there are other ways to get bigger savings, especially on pre-registered plates."

Similar scrappage schemes launched in Europe have proved successful, particularly in Germany where new car sales increased by 40% in March.

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