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Speed limiter trial for capital

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A six-month trial is to take place in London that will look at the potential benefits of fitting cars with automatic speed limiters.

The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology will be fitted to 20 cars, as well as a London bus and a licensed taxi.

The initiative, being run by Transport for London, will look at driver behaviour, journey times and the effect that driving within the speed limit has on vehicle emissions.

The ISA system allows drivers to select an option where acceleration is stopped automatically at the speed limit of that particular road.

Experts have estimated that the system could reduce the number of road casualties - and resulting car insurance claims - in London by 10% if adopted by two thirds of drivers in the capital.

When the trial is complete a full report will be submitted to London Mayor Boris Johnson and the technology will be made available to external organisations.

Southwark Council in south London has already expressed an interest in fitting the ISA system to more than 300 of its vehicles.

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