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Drivers failing to read road signs

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A survey has found that motorists are struggling to read common road signs and two thirds do not recognise a zebra crossing sign.

According to the poll by car insurance company Direct Line and road safety charity Brake, as well as not being able to identify a 'zebra crossing ahead' sign, 45% failed to recognise the 'no motor vehicles' warning sign.

A further 30% of the 2,050 people questioned were unable to identify the 'minimum speed limit' sign and 15% even failed to recognise the 'national speed limit' sign.

After asking the participants to identify eight road signs, only 12% knew all the meanings, but 40% of motorists wanted to see more speed signs on roads to help them stay within the limit.

Direct Line car insurance head Maggie Game said: "Road signs play a central role in mitigating many of the risks on our roads. If motorists don't understand what a sign is trying to communicate, the risks increase significantly.

"With this study it is easy to see why there were 773 people killed or injured on zebra crossings in 2007."

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