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BMW adds `mileage spy` to Trackstar

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All BMW and Mini models are to have a `mileage spy` tracking module added to their optional Trafficmaster`s sat-nav Trackstar stolen-vehicle locator.

The new mileage reporter records journeys and times, checks locations for any given day and time and itemises business and private mileage.

It records all journey start and end points, the time taken and the exact distance. All the driver needs do is classify journeys as either business or private, which the system can part automate.

This would apply to drivers whose home-office commute counts as private mileage, while most of their business journeys are made between normal working hours.

Journeys can be pre-categorised as business or private according to the time or day, while for drivers who claim a mileage allowance can retrieve a totally accurate report, with private mileage itemised separately.

Meanwhile, the taxman is not forgotten: an annual report can be produced for those who claim mileage tax relief.

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