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Recession fuelling fake robberies

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Detectives believe more people could make bogus home insurance claims because of the recession.

A study in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, showed a rise in the number of reports of false robberies since the start of the credit crunch last July.

A senior detective said she expects the number of fake burglaries by people hoping to cash in on insurance payouts to also have risen.

Detective Chief Inspector Donna Wass said: "We have had 10 reports between January and May of robberies which have been shown to be false.

"That is a rise of what we have had before and far more than we would expect. We have not looked at burglaries in the same detail yet, but I suspect we may see a similar trend."

Cambridgeshire's Chief Constable Julie Spence said the recession has led to more people looking for ways to make money.

She said that although she does not think it will make people go out and steal or burgle, it "may lead to some people thinking they can get away with this kind of offence".

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