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Public rejects speed limit changes

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Lowering speed limits reduces accidents and thus cuts car-insurance costs, according to a recent National Audit Office study.

But the public has nevertheless overwhelmingly rejected government plans to reduce the limit from 60 to 50mph on `A` roads and from 30 to 20mph in urban areas, according to a poll of motorists.

This despite the fact that there are no plans for signs showing that the limit had been reduced - which would leave motorists at risk of a fine and points.

A poll from MSN Cars reports that 83% of 40,554 polled voted against the proposals, which may imposed next year and would be the most dramatic cut since 1978, when the national limit was cut from 70 to 60mph.

Says MSN spokesman Tom Evans: "This is a very emotive subject for all road users and is sure to be debated for some time. There are strong arguments on both sides, but as drastic measures are being considered, the most essential thing is that UK motorists are constantly kept abreast of any developments."

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