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Van CO2 database `to save money`

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The transport secretary has launched a van CO2 database that is aimed at making it easier for company buyers and individuals to compare emissions and ultimately save money.

With many van users already shopping around for cheaper van insurance and looking to cut motoring costs elsewhere, the new online database - the biggest of its kind in Europe - will be a useful tool.

Compiled by the Vehicle Certification Agency, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and Department for Transport, the system allows users to search for new van models on the UK market and compare their CO2 emissions and the fuel consumption.

Transport secretary Andrew Adonis said: "It's important to help motoring consumers make the right choice, both for themselves and for the environment.

"This database is good news for van buyers - it gives them access to emissions and fuel consumption information that could well shape the van they choose, as well as enable them to cut emissions and save money."

SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt added: "We believe that our efforts in assisting government departments compile this information will not only impact positively on tailpipe CO2 emissions but will also help buyers select the most economical vehicle they need for their business."

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