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Family rescued from rising tide

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Coastguards have rescued a family left stranded on the causeway linking Holy Island with the mainland in Northumberland.

The group, thought to be two girls aged about four and their grandparents, had been visiting the island, but have been left making an unusual car insurance claim after the rising tide swamped their car.

A spokesman RNLI, which was alerted by the family from a nearby refuge box, said they were forced to abandon the car after using the causeway outside the safe crossing times.

At the time of the alert the Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat was undergoing maintenance, so had to be quickly whipped into shape and made ready for service.

The spokesman said: "Despite being slightly delayed in launching, it was quickly on scene, and the four casualties were safely rescued from the refuge box, and landed on the mainland, where local police were waiting."

None of the family required any medical assistance.

Rescue services make several recoveries each year as visitors unfamiliar with the area get caught out by rising tides, which submerge the causeway twice daily, despite prominent warning signs.

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