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7ft 4in problem for Leeds prison

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A prison in Leeds is having to make some modifications to a cell after one of Britain's tallest men was jailed for burglary and other offences leading to people making home insurance claims.

Christopher Lister, 21, is 7ft 4in and his parents have already had to spend thousands of pounds adapting their home to cope with their son's extreme height, including lengthening a bed and fitting a special shower.

But now prison officials in Leeds are trying to make room for the new inmate, who was featured in a TV documentary two years ago on the UK's tallest youngsters.

Lister, of Aviary View, Leeds, appeared at Leeds Crown Court where a judged sentenced him to a total of 11 months in prison for burglary, handling stolen goods, interfering with a vehicle and breaching a previous suspended sentence.

The court heard that in November last year Lister was involved in a burglary at a house in the Armley area of Leeds, where he provided a van to move stolen goods.

Lister, who was 6ft 2in when he was 13, has suffered from difficulties because of his size, including severe back pain and name calling.

Lister's lawyer argued that prison would be a difficult experience for him because of his height.

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