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Crash risk for company car drivers

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Car insurance claims are more common among drivers of company cars than those with private vehicles, it has emerged, with up to 40% more crashes involving company cars than private ones.

A major international road safety conference in Dublin has heard that about 100 motorists die in job-related road accidents every year in Ireland, with up to a third of all collisions linked with work.

More than 40% of Irish employers have no driving for work policy, according to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), joint organiser of the conference.

The body`s chief executive, Martin O'Halloran, said: "All employers are required by health and safety laws to put proper measures in place to protect the safety of all their employees.

"Particularly concerning is that 42% of Irish businesses have no driving for work policy as part of their health and safety management system.

"A 2008 Health and Safety Authority survey of businesses also found that there was a lack of awareness of their duties to manage work-related driving activities."

Figures from the Road Safety Authority show that in 2008 there were 57 work-related deaths, 60% of which involved some form of vehicle.

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