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Scots to test car-speeding devices

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Drivers in Scotland are to test new devices that prevent cars going over the speed limit, which could potentially reduce car insurance premiums.

The pilot scheme is part of a new road safety strategy, the first to be set for Scotland alone and designed to be tougher than the rest of the UK.

It is hoped that the anti-speeding devices, together with other road safety measures, will cut road deaths by 40% over the next decade and reduce serious injuries by 50%.

Transport minister Stewart Stevenson said the strategy will include examining the case for restrictions on newly-qualified drivers and an "intelligent speed adaptation" (ISA) pilot somewhere in the country.

Officials said the ISA works by using a GPS system and an onboard computer to automatically slow a speeding vehicle to the local speed limit.

However, the driver can override the system, allowing them to maintain in control of the car if necessary.

Research by the Government found that the devices reduced speeding "in almost every category of user".

The strategy also includes proposals to encourage local councils to introduce 20mph zones in all residential areas, and to improve school bus safety.

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