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Air Force One to ground control...

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Imagine the car insurance claim from the awe-struck learner driver: "I couldn`t help it, Fern Britton reading the Highway Code just put me right off."

Or Stephen Fry, or Sir Roger Moore, or even US President Barack Obama. Fanciful? Of course - but they are all held up as outstanding role models for driving instructors.

According to the AA Driving School, they have the right qualities of friendliness, patience, quick thinking and calmness in a crisis to take them to the top of the profession.

Said boss Simon Douglas: "It takes more than a clean licence, ability behind the wheel and a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code to make a good driving instructor.

"They must have patience in abundance, be able to deal with unexpected crises, and - most importantly - be friendly and approachable.

"We'd happily welcome the likes of Stephen or Fern into the fold. And should President Obama ever seek a career change, we're sure his natural charm and diplomacy would make him an excellent tutor."

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