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Firms shown how to cut travel costs

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Organisations will be shown how green travel can be good business sense and also help the environment during a seminar in Manchester.

The Highways Agency event, at Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium, will teach firms how to save on cash during the current economic slowdown through sustainable travel.

Many firms and individuals are looking to cut costs through economic driving, cheaper car insurance and an over-all reduction in use.

The exhibits will promote adult cycle-to-work schemes, responsible car use and public transport, as well as delivering advice on setting up initiatives.

A reduction in the number of car parking spaces and fleet vehicles could save businesses hundreds of pounds, the Highways Agency said.

Graham Riley, of the Highways Agency, explained: "The Highways Agency is committed to reducing congestion by promoting all forms of travel including public transport, car sharing and walking and cycling when appropriate.

"Not only is this good for the environment but it is good for businesses and employees alike.

"Businesses can save money on the cost of providing and maintaining car parking spaces, can reduce their fleet size and release land used for parking for more productive use. Employees can benefit by introducing healthy exercise into their daily life."

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