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Women injured through home exercise

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Exercising at home can be a dangerous pastime as it has been revealed one in five women have had an accident while working out in their own property.

According to insurer Sheilas' Wheels, around 22% of women said they exercised in their home using a computer console, such as a Wii Fit, with many saying it was cheaper than having gym membership.

But research suggests it could be a false economy, after the accidents were found to cause an average cost of nearly £55 worth of damage. This does not include the hidden costs of such calamities, such as hikes in home insurance premiums as a result of possible claims.

Of the 1,000 women surveyed, nearly one in five (18%) said they had slipped on the floor or tripped over rugs while exercising at home, while 8% had collided with their children and 3% had smashed windows or hit the television screen.

But with 8% of women saying they feel inferior when exercising in the gym, and 28% admitting they are too embarrassed to exercise outdoors, many still preferred the privacy of being able to work out in their own home.

Walking came out as the most popular form of exercise, with around 60% saying they enjoyed the activity. The next popular was swimming, with a third putting it as their favourite, followed by using a Wii Fit at 22%, and both cycling or going to the gym at 17%.

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