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Convertible prices on the rise

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Figures show values of second-hand convertibles have improved in recent months spurred on by mild weather and predictions for a hot summer, leaving buyers with less money left over for car insurance.

According to new data from British Car Auctions, the convertible sector has shown greater improvement than many other areas, supporting the tradition that auction prices for convertibles go upwards heading into the summer months.

Tim Naylor, PR manager for BCA, said: "The UK weather is probably the biggest single factor in determining convertible values.

"We are certainly seeing prices of these desirable vehicles move well above average for used car prices and bucking the overall economic trends."

With the Met Office predicting above average temperatures for this summer, Mr Naylor said the news could encourage more buyers to invest in a soft top at the auctions.

Figures show that motorists looking for a convertible at auction will also be able to pick up a car in fairly good condition, with the average model only around four years old and with less than 40,000 miles on the clock, making them a sound investment at auction prices.

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