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£11m plan to support green car use

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The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has announced an £11 million plan to support the use of electric vehicles.

The scheme is designed to help more drivers easily charge plug-in vehicles in major cities in the UK, initially in Birmingham, Coventry, Glasgow, London, Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Oxford and Sunderland.

It hopes to support the roll-out of a single national network which will eventually help drivers use and recharge plug-in vehicles anywhere, including at home.

The scheme, part of ETI's overall plug-in vehicle project announced in July, is known as the joined-cities plan. Plans were announced at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2009 at Bedfordshire's Millbrook Proving Ground.

David Clarke, ETI chief executive, said: "Through our plan we will help to enhance the versatility and ease of recharging."

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "I want to make it much easier to go electric which is why in London we are planning to roll out 25,000 charging points.".

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