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Bike market sees 30% drop in sales

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The UK motorcycle market suffered a 30% year-on-year decline this August, an industry organisation has said.

However, sales of tourers and naked bikes recorded the strongest performance in the month, suggesting there is demand for bikes that can be used every day, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) said.

Supersports bikes and mopeds fared much worse, declining by 38% and 40% respectively on the year before.

The Department for Transport's National Travel Survey showed that over half - 52% - of motorcycle trips made last year were for commuting, compared to just 34% of bicycle journeys and 22% of car journeys. MCI said that this was an indicator of the importance of practical motorcycling.

The survey also found that the average biker uses his or her motorcycle as the main mode of transport for over a third of all trips, making roughly eight trips a week, totalling 80 miles.

Sheila Rainger of the MCI said: "While it's clear that people are being very cautious about their spending, interest in riding remains strong. Demand for motorcycle tests is quietly rising, while five per cent of all visitors to the Get On website ( have booked themselves onto a taster session."

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