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Bikers asked for road safety advice

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Motorcyclists are to play an important role in drafting the Northern Ireland Assembly's approach to curb the rising number of bikers killed or injured on the region's roads.

The Department of the Environment, headed up by keen motorcyclist Sammy Wilson, has announced plans to consult bikers over what can be done to cut the number of accidents, with the latest killing two people at the weekend.

A disproportionate number of motorcyclists die on Northern Ireland's roads. Latest figures show the number killed or seriously injured in 2007 was 153 - an increase of 47% on the average between 1996 and 2000. Bikers accounted for 13% of all deaths from road accidents.

However, positive developments were noted with the news that the current ten-year target for cutting motoring deaths and serious injuries by 33% had already been met, as had the target of reducing child deaths by 50%.

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