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Poor roads top public's pet hates

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British motorists are increasingly dissatisfied with public services, with the state of the nation's roads topping the list of frustrations, a survey has revealed.

Just 54% of the public are satisfied with the condition of the UK's roads and highways, down from 58% in the previous quarter, research for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) found. Damage caused by potholes and poor quality roads in general often results in an unwelcome car insurance claim

Satisfaction levels have fallen for all key public services.

The survey showed that 65% were satisfied with public transport (down from 66% in the previous quarter), 73% with electricity and gas supplies to their homes (from 81%) and 74% with rubbish and waste disposal services (from 78%).

Flood defence provision met with the approval of 63% of those questioned (down from 71%) and 84% of people were satisfied with drinking water and sewage services (from 92%).

The survey found rubbish disposal was the top priority for more investment (39%), followed by roads (37%), public transport (36%) and drinking water and sewage (33%).

ICE director general Tom Foulkes said: "You cannot blame the public for becoming more dissatisfied and frustrated with the state of our roads and highways.

"With an estimated £1 billion road maintenance backlog, there are too many roads that have been in need of proper repair for a long time and are deteriorating further by the day."

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