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Men just can't wait to hit the road

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Most young men buy their first car while they were still in their teens, according to the AA motoring organisation.

It reports that two thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds are in a hurry to get behind the wheel compared with just over a third of women.

Says spokesman Simon Douglas: "Getting a car remains a rite of passage for young men, despite the fact that car insurance, fuel and other costs are rapidly pushing up the price of car ownership."

He reports that the age at which young men get their first car is falling compared with parents and grandparents - for example, only a quarter of drivers aged 65 bought their first car when they were that young.

Meanwhile, while 61% of first cars are more than seven years old, while a lucky few young first-timers - 6% - pick up the keys to a brand new motor.

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