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Survey reveals driver frustrations

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New research into driving standards has shown being cut up by others, seeing drivers talk on their phones, and being followed too closely irritates drivers the most.

And half of all motorists said they were in favour of issuing penalty points on offenders' driving licenses, which would increase their car insurance premiums.

The study, carried out by the RAC, revealed 72% of drivers believe motorists being too close behind is the most frustrating factor, while motorists on the phone, and being cut up by others both received 68%.

The two other factors in the top five were not indicating (65%) and not saying thank you for giving way (48%).

Most motorists (85%) said they had experienced frustration on the roads, but 70% considered themselves respectful drivers most of the time. A fifth of those polled said they were courteous and considerate all the time, with drivers in London considered the least respectful.

Other measures to combat aggressive driving, other than penalty points, included higher fines in addition to penalties already in place - urged by 55% of those polled. Teaching respectful driving as part of the learning process was also suggested.

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