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Behaviour orders for car clampers

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The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead has said it hopes to issue Asbos to clamping companies before Christmas.

Councillors passed the motion over fears that tourism in the region - home to the Queen's official residence Windsor Castle - was being seriously damaged by the activities of such firms.

The move comes after the authority responded to the Department for Transport's consultation on the industry by demanding an outright ban on clamping.

Tory councillor Phill Bicknell, who proposed the motion, said: "These firms are making a fortune by clamping tourists with little or no real justification.

"So far we have tried to put up warning signs in the town but still tourists fall foul. Perhaps it's because they cannot read English. Either way they should not be victimised for turning up a few minutes late for their cars."

No timetable has been set for the issuing of the Asbos, but the council has indicated it hopes action can be taken before December.

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