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Tories plan to scrap speed cameras

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The Conservatives would take a different approach to road safety and scrap fixed speed cameras, their shadow transport secretary has announced, which may effect car insurance claim levels.

Councils would have to raise the money to fund cameras themselves and justify their use in terms of safety increases, Theresa Villiers explained.

She warned that safety camera income "blinded" Labour to using alternatives, and that cameras were "not the best way to make our roads safer". She said: "They should be judged on their merits in terms of preventing accidents."

A spokeswoman for campaign group Safe Speed said the pledge was the "first step towards a return to good road safety" and called for all fixed speed cameras to be abolished.

She said: "After all, a safe speed is not measured in miles per hour. The ongoing distraction that cameras have caused, have done nothing to improve road safety. Focusing on the wrong road safety policies and messages prevents the correct ones from being implemented.

"We must ensure that road users understand the need to be responsible for all their actions, and that they are encouraged to seek ways in which to improve their abilities, skills, knowledge judgment and attitude."

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