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Britons chat to their vehicles

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Nearly half of British drivers have confessed to talking to their cars, according to a new survey.

As many of 44% of motorists sometimes talk to their vehicles, while 31% said they regularly engage in conversation with their cars, the survey by revealed.

The poll of 1,200 drivers showed that, overall, only 25% of drivers never speak to their car.

It was also revealed that a quarter of motorists have a pet name for their motor such as Connie the Corsa and Sexo the Saxo. This was despite only 21% of people having a similar term of endearment for their partner. marketing director Katie Armitage said: "The findings are certainly an eye opener. There are a lot of motorists out there happily chatting away to their cars and with in-car technology becoming more advanced all the time, their cars could soon be able to talk back to them.

"With many people spending several hours a day travelling to work, it's not surprising that more people seem to be talking to their cars. Manufacturers spend millions on advertising trying to give their cars a personality, which could explain why people feel able to relate to their cars."

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