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Car claims rise as clocks change

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Figures show there is a correlation between when the clocks change and an increase car insurance claims.

According to car insurance company Zurich Connect, every year there is an average 11 per cent rise in claims following the clocks going back.

The firm made the startling find after analysing statistics taken over the past three wintertime clock changes, and comparing the two weeks before and two weeks after the end of British Summer Time.

And as the clocks go back an hour in the early hours of Sunday, Zurich Connect is warning drivers to take extra care on the roads next week.

Mike Quinton from Zurich Connect said: "Daylight saving has become a dark week on Britain's roads as accidents shoot up.

"It's possible that drivers get used to driving their regular routes in broad daylight, then find it hard to adjust to suddenly doing the same journey at the same time, but in the dark. Couple this with the fact that autumnal weather is often wet and windy, and the risk of having an accident on the road is significantly increased."

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