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Poll challenges female stereotypes

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A recent motoring poll has slammed traditional female stereotypes, revealing that 44% of women discuss cars with their friends.

The survey carried out by car insurance company Diamond found it is not only men who are interested in cars.

It showed that 64% of women watched the BBC's Top Gear television programme, while 73% knew how to check the oil, water levels and tyre pressure on their vehicles.

It also discovered that 15% of women kept a torch in the car and 12% had a road map.

Only 8% ensured they had make-up in their glove compartment and fewer than 3% of women would choose a car based on its colour. Instead, economy and price were the main reasons for opting for a particular model.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, said: "Our research shows many of the stereotypes you hear about women drivers are very much outdated and untrue.

"Today's generation of women drivers keep up to date with the motoring world, make informed motoring choices and take efforts to look after their wheels."

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