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Pink blackballed by used car buyers

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Whether or not colour plays a part in what car insurance band a model is in it certainly affects its resale value, according to used-car website Carsite.

And while pink may be Thunderbirds chatelaine Lady Penelope's favourite colour it was roundly blackballed by 29% of those questioned in a recent survey.

Next worst were brown, disliked by 16%, and gold, given the thumbs down by 14%. White was the sixth least popular choice, with 6.5%, despite a recent surge in popularity.

Meanwhile, silver blue and black are by the most popular colours when it comes to boosting a car's second-hand value.

Said Carsite spokesman Alistair Jeff: "Choosing your car colour wisely can pay dividends when it comes to trading in your vehicle.

"Conservatively toned models will traditionally achieve a higher resale value than their more vibrantly coloured counterparts.

"Even so, those who have invested in pink versions of small and funky cars like the Nissan Figaro, Ford Street Ka or Mini should have no problem attracting buyers in what is a niche but popular corner of the market."

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