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Fierce bidding for top mileage car

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A silver Ford Mondeo TDCI 115 LX estate with 532,491 miles on the clock has sold for £825, the highest-mileage car to pass through a British Car Auctions (BCA) event.

The company reported fierce bidding for the vehicle, which has covered the equivalent of a trip to the moon and back plus two journeys around earth's equator.

Said BCA UK operations director Simon Henstock: "The performance by this Mondeo Estate model must be seen as exceptional - and certainly not the norm.

"If this car had been offered via any other remarketing channel, it is less likely that the seller would have seen such a return, as it outperformed all expectations.

"The live competitive bidding that takes place during the auction process is critical to achieving the true worth of any asset, and when the buyers are out in force and demand is high, the results can be spectacular."

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