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Luxury cars top target for vandals

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Luxury cars such as BMWs and Porsches are the most vandalised, a survey show, with London recording the highest number of malicious-damage insurance claims.

More than 25,000 claims over the past five years show that the BMW Z3 is the prime target, followed by the Chrysler Crossfire and Porsche Cayenne, according to insurance company

Brian Martin, the company's managing director, said: "Our research shows the top 10 is made up entirely of either expensive luxury cars or soft tops.

"It could be that luxury cars are targeted because of old-fashioned envy. Sadly, some people are jealous of those who drive expensive cars, while in the case of convertibles, they are an easy target."

Porsches were targeted more than any other make when data was analysed for manufacturers and not individual models.

The worst-affected postcodes are west central London, east central London, west London and south west London. Glasgow and Edinburgh are also in the top 10.

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