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Families compete with cars for love

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Almost one in 10 people say they love their car as much as their family, research has shown.

A poll by the car-finding company said that a further 33% admitted to being "very fond" of their vehicle, while 20% said they had given their car a pet name.

Around 23% of those polled said they regularly talked to their cars, while 8% revealed that they carried a picture of their vehicle in their wallet or on a computer.

Other results included 44% of people admitting to having had sex in a car, 4% covering their garage in carpet to prevent scratches and 3% admitting to kissing their vehicle. marketing director Paul Coleman said: "After a house, a car is often the second most expensive purchase we make and on average the majority of us spend around an hour each day in our vehicles, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that UK motorists hold their cars in such high regard.

"However, some behaviour, such as stroking the dashboard and hugging the bonnet, could be perceived as a step too far."

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